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Good morning everyone. Yesterday I rounded home on a new blog post about customer traction and distribution channels. In the post, I cover 19 specific channels as well as some examples of when I’ve used them. I think it’s a really helpful post for those learning about customer channels. Hopefully I’ll get it proofread and posted today.

UPDATE => I have since posted the 19 Customer Traction Channels for Growing Your Startup

This morning, lots of blog design. I have the home page almost where I want it. I’m going to either cleanup the side bar or eliminate it entirely, we’ll see. After the home page, I’ll start looking at all the other templates and pages to see what if anything I need to do to finish those.

Lastly, I finished punching a menu yesterday, removed the podcast link from website, and removed the old blog and replaced it with this one. Our traffic yesterday was north of 1,700 at Menyu, so we continue to climb back from the Google indexing issue and coronavirus pandemic.

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