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Menyu Struggles, Launches

As always, these founder posts are more brain dumps than edited articles. I apologize if the following is difficult to read.

Menyu Struggles

Another long stretch since my last post, but as always hustling as hard as ever. Menyu, our online platform for finding restaurant menus, has been holding its own during the coronavirus. We’ve been running down about 20-30% since the pandemic hit. Unfortunately, as the virus heats up again, our traffic has leveled down again. I would guess we’re down probably 30-40%. Menyu is in a fight for it’s life to continue to exist.

We do continue to use 6 contractors and add restaurants daily, but the downward spiral in traffic continues. To make matters worse, virtually no new restaurants have opened in months and probably won’t until at least well into next year, so finding restaurants to add is getting harder and harder.

As long as we have profits to invest back into our contractors, we will continue to operate Menyu and add restaurant menus. But if the pandemic eventually dries up our profits, we’ll have to close shop. I’m hopeful that won’t happen, but time will tell and we are prepared for it if it does. Sometimes things just don’t go the way you want, that’s life – especially in the bootstrapping startup world.

Notify Next Launches

This month, we officially lunched our barbershop SaaS named Notify Next. It’s an online app for managing barbershop appointments and walkins. We’re currently trying different channels to get traction and see which one or two we’ll dial up and focus on.

We’re currently doing Publicity via the Youngstown and Cleveland TV News and trade mags relating to business. We’ve purchased exclusive ad rights to a Facebook group (online social ads) with 65K+ barbers and we’ve created an affiliate network and coupled it with social influencers on Instagram. We’ll see if any of these produce results. If not, we’ll tighten up our efforts and keep trying. If they still don’t, we’ll move on to other channels like trade shows, SEO, SEM, etc.

Although we just launched a few weeks ago and are just starting to test channels, we do have a customer on trial and actively using the software to manage his appointments. We have about another 5 leads, and one shop of four who want to use it, but are struggling to switch from a competitor’s platform.

SaaS Mag

On a different note, I use to browse for-sale websites as I’ve long considered buying one. FEI recently started publishing a physical SaaS Mag magazine that is free to subscribe to (we are NOT an affiliate). To date it has published four magazines. I am also a subscriber to the Harvard Business Review. I have to say, the SaaS Mag outside the HBR is the BEST magazine for business I’ve ever read. And better yet, it is 100% geared toward SaaS businesses, especially startups. Get this magazine! Again, I’m not an affiliate and as of this writing, it is 100% FREE. FE International is a top notch operation and so is their new mag.

Signing Off

Hopefully my next post will bring better traffic stats for Menyu and some more customer stats to share about Notify Next. Have a great weekend everyone.

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