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New Blog Post, Postponed Podcast, Reviewed Menus

Another busy week working on the startup. I finished and published my latest article Wednesday night. It’s titled SEO Copywriting: A Practical SEO Example. It covers how to optimize your article for SEO and the article itself works as the reader’s template to learn. I think it will help a lot of people understand the proper way to structure and write a high quality article that also ranks well in search engines.

I’m now outlining my next article, which will list my 5 best business books of all time. I’m really excited about writing this one as I absolutely love reading business books. The chance to comb back through my top ones and write about them is exciting. Eventually I’ll do individual reviews about each one (unless Kevin already has).

We were supposed to record two episodes of the Startup Menyu podcast last night, but Kevin had something come up. We have to skip from time to time, but it’s never a big deal. We record them every two weeks with a few episodes always in reserve, so we just moved the recording to next Thursday.

On the Menyu platform, I reviewed many menus in Tempe AZ, Texarkana, TX, and Kokomo, IN. That will help keep the contractors working on new menus. Our traffic continues to be flat from what I hope is the Coronavirus. I get tired of saying it, but time will tell once the pandemic resides and all restaurants are fully open again. Many restaurants will never open back up, so Kevin and I definitely have an uphill battle to fight.

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