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This morning, I finally finished and published a 3k-word article How to start an online marketplace. This post covers the marketplace business design and how to increase your chances of starting a successful online marketplace. The marketplace is a difficult business to launch because of it’s complex pricing, intense competition, and marketing challenges. I’m working on becoming an affiliate of a company that offers marketplace platform software. Once / if I get approved, I’ll add that product offer to the post. It’s a great product for people looking to not code their own platform.

This article took much proof-reading, rewriting, restructuring of sections and headers, adding keyword phrases, and writing transitions. I might make my next post about optimizing and properly structuring a blog post. A lot definitely goes into it to make an SEO friendly, content rich article.

Menyu – Business as Usual

In terms of our startup Menyu, not much going on. Traffic is constant, but down a bit this week. Menu flows are normal, revenue is flat just like the traffic. As the economy opens back up, hopefully we’ll finally see where we stand in terms of traffic. The Google indexing error and Coronavirus has made it very hard to tell where we actually stand in terms of traffic counts per month.

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