18 fridge magnets being mailed out for joining our mailing list

Sending Out Our Week’s Free Fridge Magnets

Getting ready to go to the post office this morning and mail 18 fridge magnets. We send each person that signs up for our newsletter a free refrigerator magnet. This week we had 15 signups in Ohio, 1 in Indiana, 1 in Vermont, and 1 in Colorado.

I finished my latest blog post and published it this morning – 5 of The Best Business Books of All Time. Once it gets traffic, I’ll go back and change the Amazon book links to affiliate links. Amazon will boot you if you don’t make sales, so we need to build our blog traffic before signing up for Amazon Associates.

Today is really nice out and I’m behind on reading my Harvard Business Review magazines, so I’m going to do some outside reading today. This week I’m planning on reviewing several menus and working on my next blog article. I do have some highly graded menus that are low quality images, so I might punch those. I don’t think our contractors will be able to read them.

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