Update On All Our Startup Activities

Notify Next Startup Saas

A lot going on recently. This morning, I finished all features for NotifyNext (waitlist startup for barbershops) that are needed for launch and moved them to the Staging server. We’ll now thoroughly test the software and consider launching if it tests well. In the meantime, I’m going to work on fixing several smaller bugs and visual issues that still need addressed. Most of my time (startup time) each week continues to go into development of this SaaS.

Menyu Platform (website)

June traffic is essentially flat from May. Our impressions really leveled up this month, but our click-through-rate (CTR) is very poor at around 1.5%. It has historically been over 2%, so not sure if the poor CTR is a sign of the difficult times in the restaurant industry with COVID19, seeding for growth, or a poor user experience regarding our website.

Our site continues to have a clean interface and fast loading times, so if poor experience is causing the low CTR, it would be from outdated menus or the ad experience. We’ll keep plugging forward and review once we know we’re on the other side of the COVID19 pandemic.

Revenue is also flat, and we still have 5 contractors.

Startup Menyu Podcast

Our podcast has shown signs of growth. Although still a very small audience, we’re starting to see subscriber growth each week. We haven’t researched it, but I’m guessing with us now being over 40 episodes, we’re starting to get found in some Podcast listeners. We do the podcast because we enjoy talking about our startup, so we’ll keep producing episodes and see if the subscriber growth continues.

This Blog

We started this blog and then a few weeks later decided to work on the Notify Next SaaS startup. This decision effectively killed the blog as a startup before we even got started. However, I still intend to make regular posts like this one in the Founder’s Journal, so the blog is still going to remain active.

I think ultimately these are the valuable posts for our audience of entrepreneurs and founders anyway, so still lots of great content to come. I’ll continue to post what’s going on with our startups so people can read, hear, and see our true story of trying to bootstrap startups to success.

Stay strong and focus on today, not yesterday or tomorrow.

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