Working on Two Startups – My Last Few Weeks

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted an update, so I wanted to make sure I get down what I’ve been up to the last month. Kevin and I have joined another startup that is a SAAS product for barbershops. Kevin’s friend had paid a developer to design and build the initial product and has been working on it for a few years now. It is pre-launch. To complete and launch, Kevin and I have joined the startup to help out. I have taken over the development and been fixing bugs and adding features for the last month.

New SAAS Startup

The SAAS uses the PHP Laravel framework, ReactJS on the front, GitHub for source control, and Trello for managing dev flow like new features, bug fixes, launch items, etc. We use AWS and Azure for hosting.

So far, it’s been a lot of fun. I’ve coded for years, but this is my first hands-on experience with Laravel and React. I’ve picked it up fast and love the framework. We’ve got 1 feature, a skin redesign, and about 20 bug fixes and then we’ll be ready to launch. I think we’ll launch within a month. By launch, I mean moving forward with the marketing campaign Andre and Kevin have been designing with the company they hired. The Marketing company will drive high quality leads to the website for the website funnel to close. Andre and Kevin will also work on sales and closing leads. I think in the future, if we fail at converting leads, we’ll want to consider better lead capture on the site (there isn’t any now which I think will be a big problem) and a professional salesman to close leads.

Menyu Progress

In regards to Menyu, which Kevin and I are still very much working on, I’ve reviewed hundreds if not thousands of menus the last month. It’s going really well in terms of finding high-quality restaurant’s and menus to add to our site. Other than that, Menyu runs itself right now, so the last month I’ve only worked probably 2 hours per week on it. Basically, reviewing menus and emailing out our free magnets to our fans that join the email list. Our traffic is flat, but impressions and SERP rankings are both way up in May, so hopefully we have some serious traffic coming from COVID19 letting up and our hardwork over the last 6 months.

Our podcast continues to go strong. We’re approaching 40 episodes and Kevin and I always enjoy discussing our daily struggles while trying to build an underfunded marketplace from scratch. The odds are certainly against us, but what can we say – we love doing it.

How I Feel

Mentally and physically I feel good. I certainly have many ups and downs every day, especially early in the week after a long stressful prior week of working on two startups and executing a demanding job as an IT professional. But, understanding that stress, anxiety, depression, isolation, and all the other negative feelings that come with working crazy hours on businesses no-one cares about except you makes managing those emotions easier. It also makes me a much stronger person.

Keep building Menyu, keep moving forward, keep learning from your mistakes, and never give up. Doing even 1 hour of work per day towards building your business can keep you moving forward and working towards something great. I would rather be a failing, broke entrepreneur than no entrepreneur. Happy Friday everyone.

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